in Tokyo a prayer can be fullfill

tMeiji Shrine in Shibuya, Tokyo is not just any temple. In addition to the historic since it was built in 1920 and filled with tens of thousands of trees, there are a prayer which was considered efficacious. Let’s see!

Time show around 10:00, when I and the media entourage from Jakarta arrived at the Meiji Shrine. Her temple is located in the Shibuya neighborhood across Meiji-Jingumae Station. Or if of Shibuya, can walk for about 10 minutes.

Problem history, Meji Temple built by the Japanese government in 1920 to commemorate the Emperor Meiji. This Shinto shrine was intended to pray for the emperor and his wife, Empress Shoken.

Once inside the temple gate, looked lush and tall trees adorn the right and left of the road. The atmosphere is very cool and shady, but this temple is located in the city center. From there, I still have to walk about 5 minutes to the main part of the temple. Never mind a little tired, yet calculated exercise by walking.

Once arrived in the main part, I see some people who pray in front of the temple. They pray for the Emperor Meiji, by throwing a coin (with nominal whatever) then grasp hands (pray). Then, clapped his hands twice and re-grasp the hand.

Well not far from there, I saw a large tree in the middle of the main page shrines crowded with people. Around him, there are pieces of wood which contains writings hopes and prayers of people from different countries. There were reads English to German

Apparently, the name is Ema. A wooden plaque that is usually found in Shinto shrines. Palakat contained in the wood, may be a hope, a prayer or gratitude to the Creator. Ema are small, usually pentagon-shaped (the shape following house roof).

Traveler must pay a few hundred yen to be able to write in the Ema. Every morning ema will be blessed by the priest of the temple, which is expected to prayer or the expectations of everyone who wrote it come true.

Belief, supposedly ema at Meiji considered as a panacea to answer prayer. Make no mistake, there are many local people and tourists who are willing to queue to be able to write prayers there.

3-0 Myanmar, Thailand wins get Gold

gGold medal SEA Games 2015 football finally belonged to the team of Thailand. Thailand grabbed after a 3-0 win over Myanmar in the final.

Laga Thailand versus Myanmar at the National Stadium, Kallang, Singapore, Monday (15/06/2015), did not produce a goal in the first half. The new deadlock is resolved in the 54th minute, when Tanaboon Kesarat bring Thailand lead 1-0.

The Tanaboon goal preceded a corner kick situation. Myanmar’s defense failed to clear the ball perfectly and Tanaboon did not waste the skin round rolling towards him. Shot players numbered 17 was breaking goal guarded Myanmar Phyo Kyaw Zin.

Ten minutes later, Thailand doubled his lead to 2-0 through goals Chananan Pombubpha. Utilizing breakthrough bait from Chanathip Songkrasin, cleverly conquering Chananan Phyo Kyaw Zin through flick that is not too tight.

Thailand’s third goal came in the 78th minute through substitute Pinyo Inpinit foot. Pinyo wasted no measurable feedback from Sarach Yooyen and successful shot rattled goalkeeper Myanmar through his right leg.

For Thailand, this success makes them maintain that won the football gold at the 2013 SEA Games in Myanmar reported by livescore 123 asia .

Team Line-up
Myanmar: Kyaw Zin Phyo, Si Thu Aung (Moe Aung Zone 79 ‘), Zin Kyaw Lwin Phyo Ko Ko Thein (Koko Hein 83’), Hein Thiha Zaw, Ye Win Aung, Hlaing Bo Bo (Thiha Zaw 61 ‘), Nay Lin Tun, Kaung Sat Naing, Ko Ye Oo, Shine Thura

Thailand: Chanin Sae-Ear, Peerapat Notechaiya, Artit Daosawang, Narubadin Weerawatnodom (Tristan Do 82 ‘), Tanaboon Kesarat, Sarach Yooyen, Thitiphan Puangjan (Chaowat Veerachart 74’), Chanathip Songkrasin, Rungrat Phumichantuk (Pinyo Inpinit 60 ‘), Chananan Pombubpha, Nurul Sriyankem

Google Presents Warning Slow Site Accessible

gggcompany which operates as a search engine, Google, to bring the system updates in its search engine. One of them gave a warning on the site is slow or not accessible.

This device was introduced some time ago during the celebration of Google I / O. Quoted from the Android Soul, Monday (06/15/2015), Google search is now able to measure the speed of the user’s Internet connection.

As well as searching for an information on the keyword ‘Jurassic world trailer’ then the search engine will provide detailed information.

In the top searches will be shown on the web page corresponding to the search, but accompanied by the information that the pages would be too long to load. Such information would be written ‘slow to load’ on the side of the page or link direct writing sites.

Thus, the information would clearly provide a picture of the current internet connection was obtained user. Google will be clearly informed that the page will be longer loaded as seen from the user’s Internet connection status when searching.

Ahead of Ramadan, Egypt Heat Threatened

rAhead of the holy month of Ramadan 1436 Hijri, Meteorology Egypt (Egyptian Meteorological Authority / EMA) estimates that the heat wave will hit the region.

As reported by Cairo Post, Monday (15/06/2015), EMA estimates on Thursday, June 18th or the first day of fasting, temperatures in Egypt will reach 44 degrees Celsius. But at night, the temperature will drop up to 22 degrees Celsius.

EMA declare the first day of fasting is the beginning of getting rising temperatures in Egypt. Temperatures will rise 2 degrees Celsius in the next day.

EMA warns Egyptians to maintain health during the holy month of Ramadan and advised not much activity during the day. Because, this year Ramadan falls in the summer.

Hot temperatures in Egypt are the Pyramids of State ordinary considering are in a dry desert climate. However, if too often are outdoors for a long time will certainly endanger the health of the body.